Who is an_erin?

The An_Erin brand is rooted in who Erin Robertson is as a person – her personality, passions, and journey. Erin made a name for herself in an industry that is notoriously difficult to break into; it’s rare that you see someone in fashion that came from a working class background and Erin wants her journey to inspire those who feel unseen in the industry.

An_Erin is a small business and Erin wants it to stay that way. For the most part, Erin makes all clothing pieces by hand and she has no intention of converting her business to large scale production. She wants to prioritize connecting with her audience and values her community above all else.

At the heart of An_Erin is her community. She loves her loyal followers that leave likes and comments just as much as the fans that purchase her products. Erin is glad to have a community that appreciates her work and hopes to inspire others as she continues to be inspired by them.

TLDR; a timeline

. . . and the real ass life moments that didn’t make the cut


Moved to boston and worked as a dental assistant and tab technician at Harvard. Accredited for working on a published research article studying gene
expression. Gained confidence in my abilities and attention to detail. Beginning of fashion scientist era.

couldn’t do my nails as a lab tech :(


Looking to explore my creativity, I attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Won the
CFDA/Teen Vogue Target Scholarship my first year.

still can’t believe I won a CFDA . . .
it’s a lot harder than it looks!  we had no access to the outside world for 6 weeks.  also it’s unpaid & at one point I had to call a friend  to transfer money to me. but luckily I won eeeek!


Competed in (and won!) Project Runway just 3 weeks after graduating from Mass Art.


I moved to New York and I love it here! The fashion is amazing and the community is even better. Recently, I've been anjoying making one-of-one fashion pieces and making new friends on TikTok!


Worked with my virtual and personal community to make masks (upwards of 20,000) to assist frontline workers.

Also discovered the wonders of at-home dip powder for the first time because I couldn’t get my nails done and it inspired me to develop the nail kit!