cherub an_orak

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An_other one of a kind garment but this time made from a vintage velvet tapestry! My first time making an_anorak 🥲 

I got this vintage tapestry from Melrose flea market then modified a pattern from joanns (was working out of my studio so I was bare boning it). I started this in LA then finished the construction in Newport

I left the sleeves and hood raw because I love the look of it but it does shed a lil bit. Over time it will stop but I think it's cute to leave a bit of you behind haha. It was also too thick to sew through sooooOoooooooo. And there's a kangaroo pocket to store your goods

Then there's the hat! I might keep it but if you wanna buy it to match leave me a message in the notes and we can figure that out :)