Pride Poof

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This years version of the pride poof is made of 100% silk twill with adjustable paracord straps and POCKETS. We all love a dress with pockets. If you weren't here for last year's pride, I talked about this fabric I designed with the thought of having the colors of the pride flag all blend together creating a beautiful nebulous emotion of not being labeled. Being queer is all encompassing and that's why I created my own textile. 

Back to the dress– the thing I love about this shape is that it feels like you’re wearing nothing, which in the summer’s heat is everything! Also while taking pics in soho I got 10 compliments WOW!!! They were really good compliments too!

I’m making only a limited amount so you’ll be extra special :) this is also a presale– orders will be shipped out by June 8th at the latest. 

The size I'm wearing is medium to get an_idea of sizing but please send me an email if you have any questions.